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The most influential person ever


Just over 2,000 years ago a baby boy was born in the town of Bethlehem in Israel.  He was given the name "Jesus" (English translation) by his parents, Joseph and Mary.


At about the age of 30, Jesus began to claim he was the Son of God.  He walked around Palestine with a group of followers and around the age of 33, he died a cruel and unjust death.  He was subjected to the Roman Empire's form of capital punishment, crucifixion.  His followers said that 3 days later he rose from the dead and appeared to many people.  These events, whether you believe them or not, has made, Jesus of Nazareth, the most well known and influential person that has ever lived.


We believe that Jesus, the son of a simple carpenter, carried with him God's message about the purpose of life and the meaning of existence.


Are you interested in knowing more about him?  If not, we pray God's blessings on you and hope that you one day will want to understand what Jesus did for you and all of humanity.


But just before you go, in love, we encourage you to give yourself the chance to understand why Jesus has become the most well known person in human history.  Don't let the media or popular culture tell you what to think about Jesus.  Be an independent thinker.  Find out for yourself.  If you genuinely want to know whether Jesus is truth or fiction, you will be well rewarded if you make a thorough investigation of his life.


The Bible says that anyone who wants to know more about God must:


  1. Believe that God exists; and

  2. Believe that God rewards those who sincerely seek him.


You might not think you believe in God.  But if you have a desire to really know whether God exists, that is all the belief you need.  God has been waiting all your life for you to seek him.  If you sincerely seek him, we assure you that you will find God and that he will reward you in ways that you never thought possible.  This has been our experience and it has been the experience of millions of others.


A Masterpiece


God sees you as a masterpiece in the making.  You may scoff at the idea, but this is the reason you have life.  You are God's special creation and he longs for you to become all he wants for you.  Your path to becoming that masterpiece, is beginning a sincere search for God.


Make no mistake!  If you seek God, you will find him because God himself wants to make absolutely sure you find him.